Our software solutions range from Web Scripts that power our own SofSo Networks websites to our brand new adventure of developing Apps for Mobile, Tablet and PC.


Web Scripting

As well as the building and maintenance of our own SofSo Networks collection of websites we also customize third party scripts for ourselves and others. We also hope to one day offer our own web scripts for sale to the general public.

Desktop Software

Sofso has inherited some old software projects from 722media and we fully intend to update, improve and possibly re-brand some of these projects were possible, as well as introduce some new software projects. All desktop projects however are in an early development stage and with our attention now primarily focused mainly into app and game development these plans may change in the future.


Desktop Apps

With thanks to the great team at Microsoft Ireland we have now been working on a new area for us, firstly with some Windows 10 Desktop app development.

Mobile and Tablet Apps

Again with the team at Microsoft Ireland's help were constructing some Mobile and Tablet apps for their platform first before moving on and extending to other platforms from other providers in the future.