From PC gaming to mobile phones were constructing and planning to create some brand new titles as well as a return of some old titles that are brand new!


Return of Lone Assault - A PC FPS Game

We inherited 722media's old FPS game Lone Assault and were currently planning and early designing a brand new version to reboot the series. Unfortunately we never got our hands on any of the old copies to support, update or improve them. So we will be starting totally from scratch with a brand new more powerful core engine. We also plan to one day hopefully branch out this series to other platforms and especially on platforms like mobile phones.

At this stage it is unlikely that Lone Assault will continue on as a Free Game Series due to the amount of effort, time and money we plan to put into making the next editions. However it will be very affordable as were only an Indie Developer but we are still looking into additional funding options for each of our projects to either drive the price down or offer it for free once again. This may be in the form of Advertising or sponsorship deals if we can find the right partners.

Mobile Game Development

Mobile game development along with Mobile app development is a totally new direction for us to be going into. However we are never afraid to try new things and branch out from our web development beginnings. 


A few different titles.

Right now were still experimenting with a few different title ideas and genres on a few different platforms before deciding which to take to full development.  It has been a real learning curve for us so far, but we are fully up for the challenge it will bring for us not only in the future but also along the way.

We do require freelance graphic artists to help us with making sprite sheets and characters from scratch etc, so if you think you are up for the job contact us today with a rough estimate of your charges either overall or per item/time etc and we will get back to you asap with more details of what we require at any given time.