First off our name SofSo

Quite simply we like to think its short for what we do Software Solutions.

Were we are located

We are currently located in Derry/Londonderry a border city in Northern Ireland (Part of the Untied Kingdom)  which is also right next door to the Republic of Ireland. The city is the second-largest city in Northern Ireland and the fourth-largest city on the island of Ireland as a whole.

Who we are

Started as the new name for the then in-house design team of the ODGMedia Web Network the name was chosen and purchased so that any public software solutions that we created could then be offered under our own brand and identity.  We admit we are only a small group of Irish software and indie game developers on the scale of things but our ambition and goals are truly on a bigger global scale. We already target a worldwide audience as well as local through our Web Network and we are now also preparing for the future with the research and planning of developing for mobile phones and tablet PC's both with apps and website versions of our network sites too.  

About our Network

Some sites were originally obtained from 722media and where re-branded,dropped, sold off or replaced before joining the brand new ODGMedia Web Network back in 2011.

In 2014, it was then decided to tackle the growing debts of ODGMedia by start winding it down. One of the plans was for us as Web Network managers to be given full control of the sites and re-brand and re-organize them to our vision. This includes a full feasibility study which might decide if some sites are to be taken offline, sold off, replaced, re-branded or re-designed just like the way ODGMedia did originally back in 2011. Its a very big task to undertake for us because this time we also face the added pressures of deciding how to best cater for mobile visitors, and then to make any advertising pay for the operating costs with these mobile sites. Something that industry wide is seen as very difficult. Alternative revenue streams may have to be sought after if the free by advertising method no longer works out for us.